Monday, June 29, 2009


We slept GREAT! I woke up at 8:30 and I *think* Brittan had been up a little while but she never bothered me. Haven and Grayson slept until almost 9! I only woke twice during the night, and given that most nights it is hourly, I actually feel rested. I know the schedule will change when the baby comes, but with all my others, I was able to nurse early in the am and have the baby sleep until 8 am at least...I loved that. Sometimes I get up early and come downstairs and let the baby sleep down here, sometimes I sleep, but I love that option!

Today we are leaving the house to run some errands this morning. I need to go get a dish drain, and some paper plates. It pains me to use paper, but given the dishwasher situation and the pregnancy, there is only so much I can do and the environment loses on this one. I promise i won't get Styrofoam! In addition to the paper plates and dish drain, I need a new air filter for the furnace, a laundry bag for the baby to keep her stuff separate, and a few other odds and ends. Then the crew and I will head off to grab CSA...looks like we are getting more summery veggies, so we are getting into the best time of the year! Being that my garden is usually a few weeks to a month behind the CSA, I am anxious to get into the season if grabbing from the garden. Our beans look great and are starting, we have some tomatoes on the plants, so they are working away. Cucumber plants are still a tad small, but have flowers, so I am hopeful. Squash and zucchini plants are huge and full of blooms, but we have had this happen in the past and only ever gotten male flowers and no fruit. Carrots, onions and garlic look good, and lettuce is filling in. I hope to get Ryan in the garden this week to weed for me, I am just too enormous to be squatting out there!

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