Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crabby Pants

I am crabby this morning, made worse by my husband not getting that I am crabby this morning. I am happy that the weather is cool and gloomy, matches my mood. I plan to stay in all day today until I need to go tutor, tomorrow I will do the farm run and go get some snacks for the kids, since they have started complaining about the snack choices.

On the bright side, my oldest child, the one who can really make me crazy, who dropped the full glass milk bottle all over the floor because she didn't think it through, the one I butt heads with the most did the sweetest thing. She had all of these reading points she has accumulated from reading at school, and she was really excited since the books she has been reading give a lot of points. Well yesterday they were trading their points in and she traded almost all (50 out of 55) to get a little pink Snoopy with a box of chocolate. She then told me it was for my birthday.....she made me cry. See, she is hard work, but there are those moments, small surprise moments, that make the more common struggles worth it.

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