Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A new day

I actually slept last night, and it felt good! While I think I slept about 6 hours, they were pretty straight through which is making me feel a heck of a lot better. Not to mention that my parents are taking the kids up to my sister's house today, so there may be a nap in there for me.

The last few days the realization that a new child is joining the family has become much more real. I walk around the house, and all her stuff is there. In my room, the bassinet and bouncer are waiting, there is a stroller and carseat in the foyer and a Pack n Play in the family room. We are almost there, and all the big tasks are nearing completion. The car needs to be cleaned out, and then we will install the new car seat in the next two weeks, and then we are actually all set. There are always smaller tasks that will take place after the baby comes, such as rearranging the cabinets to fit bottles, etc, but the big stuff is ready to go, and I am ready to meet the newest tribe member!

Summer break begins today and I am excited about having a fun summer, even if we are here in VA most of the time! We do have a trip in August to stay at a lakehouse with my parents, and now Ryan and I are in talks to head up north to NY for a visit if his dad will let us stay with him or pay for a hotel room for us. I am dreaming of a nice trip to NY, the kids always have fun, Ryan sees his friends, and I am hoping to actually fit a visit in with a few of mine! Plus there is the beach, and NY pizza and that feeling of being somewhere you just "know" We always talk of a return to NY, but Long Island and our lifestyle don't match up well. The cost of homes is high, and having a larger family, we need a bigger home. There is also the issue of land, lots where we grew up can be up to an acre, but finding 3-5 acres can be almost impossible. Plus I am not sure I want to do the whole NYC commute thing, and that is where the money is for me.

So much for a random rambling. I am excited to get the kids up in a few hours and hustle everyone out the door! I have a paper I need to complete, and some laundry and cleaning to do. Ryan is off from work tonight so I am really excited to spend some time with him as well.

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