Friday, June 5, 2009

Trying to figure this out

OK, so it has been another long day. Seems the contractions want to confuse the hell out of me and keep coming and going. This morning they were pretty strong and had me worried, then I decided I couldn't sit around anymore, so Ryan, Gray and I headed out to get some snacks for the pantry and to pick up the milk order. While out, I had two really bad contractions, and a whole bunch of small ones, so I came home and went to bed for an hour or so. Things were quiet while I rested, then I got up and made dinner and now the contractions are back. My problem is they are so erratic, sometimes one on top of the other but not really painful, then a break of a half hour and a really hard painful one. Being that I have never gone into labor before, I have no idea what this means, and I equate contractions with the really hard ones you have on pitocin. I don't know about early labor, or how it can feel the first few days, so I don't know if I should worry that things will get worse or if they will settle. Ahhh, this is making me crazy!

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