Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well, regardless of how headachey and overall yucky I feel, I still have things to do every day. While I have handed as much as I can off to the rest of the family, which often means I need to stand over the children while ordering them to clean up their own messes, I am trying to do a little less. There are, however, tasks that I must do. This morning I had to go to the store, we were out of paper towels and toilet paper, BIG neccessities in a family this size. While there I grabbed almost everything else needed for the week, although I do need to stop at Wegmans tomorrow after my doctor's appointment for more fresh fruit. Came home, made the kids lunch (chicken salad with apples), got the meat out for dinner, vacuumed and got my work work done for the day. Now I just need to maintain the house, get the kids to clean the playroom, make dinner and write a paper....sure wish I could hand THAT off!

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