Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My baby is back home....and our power company bites

OK, first the good stuff. Britt, Gray and I went to see The Tale of Despereaux today at the free movies. There was almost no one there,and besides the kids being freezing due to their lack of body fat and the sweatshirts they forgot, it was fun. We are going to try to see one of the free movies a week because they are nearby and well...free. Then we headed down to the new Wegman's and it was PACKED! I hated every second of being there just due to the masses of people, it was like a weekend, and we all know I try not to go out on weekends! We somehow made it through, and I am hopeful that our next trip will be better once all the hype settles and people stop shopping mid-week. Fed the kids some sandwiches I had brought with is in the car and we skipped the farm since Farmer Ben called and told us the milk wouldn't be in today. Headed south to grab Haven and we were so excited to see her! My poor parents then had to turn around and drive 5 hours back home, but that was because they didn't want me to drive too far in my current condition. My mom was further alarmed when she saw how low the baby had dropped just in the last few days, I am just hoping to make the next week and a half so they won't stop labor.

On to the stupid power company. All I want to say is...they screwed with rates over the summer and we had horrible bills. We put some of the extra on a payment plan and I guess in April my payment was a few buck shy...maybe like $3? So they dropped the payment plan and sent me a ridiculous bill that they said needed to be paid in full next week! Needless to say, I have juggled as much as I can, and the bill will be paid, but they still really, really bite.

So that is that, I am just waiting for the baby to be born and once she is here, we will begin the big time new job search for me....the piddly pay of academia is getting old and stressful, and I am finding something else. We will make it work to keep the kids out of daycare, that I know for sure, but I really need to feel more stable. Being that I work so many hours, you would think I was pulling in the big bucks, but I am not and the sacrifice in pay just to be home more is not worth it. Maybe we will get lucky and Ryan will get to stay home for a few years.

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