Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just the beginning

Oh how I love Fall.  There is something about the shorter days, the crisp air and all those pumpkins and apples that make me swoon.  When Fall begins to really hit here in Virginia, like it has this week, it makes me almost giddy.  Even though we had a long week full of sick people and no sleep, the air has gotten brisk and I can feel it one true love, winter.

Fall is great because it reminds me of growing up back in NY.  The smells, the rituals of the holidays and the simpleness of it all makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Fall then gives way to Winter which is my favorite time of the year, hunkered down in a house with a roaring fire, baking bread and my favorite people...throw in snow for a super bonus!

We have begun welcoming Fall this weekend.  Today the kids and I did a big clean then we broke out the Halloween decorations and even went out to pick up some extra decorations.  Teagan is that great age where she is super into the holidays, so we went a bit overboard decorating the inside of the house, but she is beyond thrilled screaming "My Hallo-eeeney" when she sees everything.  I also made the kids cookies and let them frost them with orange icing and decorate with Halloween sprinkles...they had a blast.  I have been baking more this week and today made a batch of dough that we will use to make pizza pockets for dinner.  Tomorrow will be our first real Fall feast with roast chicken, stuffing and acorn squash for dinner and then apple turnovers with pumpkin ice cream for dessert.

Bring it on, the crunchy leaves, the cool air, bring me Fall so we can get to Winter!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I never thought I would fall off the daily blogging wagon, but it has happened.  It is not for lack of things to say, we have plenty going on here, but more that I have taken to keeping a lot very close to myself and not allowing many people in.  Right now is hard for me.  Right now we are waiting for Finn's genetics results and I am working through a lot of fear and guilt.  Right now I am still reeling from the cardiologist visit a few weeks ago and my fears that we are approaching surgery way sooner than I had ever imagined for Finn.  Right now, a lot is going on in my head, and it is just too much to put out in a post, and the stuff that is more bloggable  (is that a word?) seems minute compared to what I am running through in my mind.

We did have an exciting week last week...we were in DISNEY!  I must say a week at Disney with the fab five was a welcome, but exhausting, change of pace.  The littles were awesome, they seemed to have a great time and took nice naps in strollers and on rides.  I am so thankful those two are easily adaptable.  The big kids had a great time too, and the best part was my parents came down with us and helped up with dinners, kid sitting and park fun.  It was such a good trip that Ryan and I finally broke down and bought a timeshare.  Travelling with the kids is tough unless we have at least a two bedroom suite, and timeshares are the best choice overall, so this was a smart move for us.  I am hoping to use the timeshare for one of our summer trips this year and I am looking at renting a beach house in the Outer Banks for our crew for summer as well.  The beach trips are the best, super relaxing, no running around, just hanging at the beach and sound during the day and sitting on the deck at night.

Anyway, that is where we have been.  I will try to update more often and will post a story on my sprained ankle at Disney soon...anyone that knows me in real life knows how embarrassing that was for me!