Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bringing back the blog

So it has been forever and I couldn't decide if I wanted to blog again, or just stick with FB or journal in an actual paper journal or what.  To say it has been a whirlwind the last 10 months is an understatement.  We went from moving to NC because my husband was being transferred to him being laid off and the transfer being on hold.  Then he got a new job offer the same week the old department tried to bring him back, to NC, but they couldn't yet because he needed to have been gone for 6 months due to severance.  See...crazy.

This of course impacted the move, and we are still in the same too small house and trying to figure out if we should put on an addition and do a huge remodel since we love our school and neighbors, or if we should sell and buy, or if we should look at building again.  Whatever we decide, we need to come up with something soon since it is making me crazy being crammed in here.

Kids are good, just a work in progress as they should be.  Marriage is a work in progress too, all the stress of the layoff, MIL drama, kid stuff, work takes its toll.  We keep trucking, checking in, working on things, fighting to keep going.  Marriage is hard, and takes work but we do it and want to be one that makes it for the long haul, so we keep trying every day.