Saturday, February 26, 2011

watching our future hurtle towards us

Ryan and I have been wanting to move, for years.  Review this blog and it is mentioned time and again, but with the housing market, babies being born, jobs, etc. it just hasn't happened yet.  Now we are getting close, so close that I can feel it.  We were thinking it would be about two years from now, so around summer 2013, possibly even summer 2014 depending on the housing market and our jobs, but that may change.  Things are going well here, the debt is being paid off quicker than we expected which was something we wanted before we moved.  The housing market still stinks, but there is a potential for upswing soon as a local military base gets a huge influx of people in September. The hubs is actively looking for new jobs, and one came up today that may be perfect and is within his company...he is applying and I am hoping it is a good fit.  If Ryan gets a job making more money and at the other location we want here in VA, we may be able to move as early as next summer (2012).  Our goal this summer is to purge and complete any projects we have around the house.  We may not be able to sell next summer, but we should be able to rent out our house and we have found houses in the area we want to move to that are super cheap and have the land we want.  They are smaller than we need, but we plan to expand the house or simply build a new one  on the lot anyway, so we can make due for a few months if need be.  I see our dream becoming a reality and we are getting excited!  Hoping to make a trip up to see my sister soon and do a few drive bys of some potential areas we are interested in...I cannot believe we are so close!

Friday, February 25, 2011


If I don't get a really good nights sleep tonight I may just got insane, like seriously insane.  I can do almost everything in my life when exhausted, I can take care of kids, keep up with the house and do my job(s) but what I cannot do is concentrate on ridiculously boring articles in industry journals that I need to use to complete my lit review aka Chapter 2 of my dissertation.  I simply cannot process the information let alone write anything based on the studies I am trying to read. 

I had plans, big plans, to have this done and sent off by Sunday.  I have my sitter coming tomorrow and my goal for when she is here was to do a final review, edit everything and be done...except the whole second half of the chapter is not done. *sigh*

I didn't sleep well last night, in fact I haven't slept well since Finn was 5 weeks old, before Ryan hurt his foot and my help disappeared.  An hour nap once a week is not making up for the missing 5 hours of sleep each night and it is taking its toll on my writing.  Add to that that Ryan worked an OT shift last week which was supposed to be the short week and he is also working an OT shift this week making our long week extra long.  This also mean that I have no help until Tuesday, and I am not feeling it.  I planned to get my work done this morning, nap when Teagan did and then write in the evening but the hubby decided today was the perfect day to sell his car which means he didn't sleep, my schedule for the day got screwed since I had to go get a replacement title (car was in my name) and the nap never happened.  Ugh, I am done with today.  I somehow managed to write a few more pages, and will force myself to finish one more section tonight and review a book I need for the next section.  I will also accept that I cannot get it done by Sunday and that Tuesday night will just have to be good enough...thankfully my committee isn't putting the pressure on me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am rocking today!

I have been super productive today.  Got the big girls off to their before school activity, came home with the other three and got some work work done, then drove back to school to drop Gray off.  Got in touch with DMV since we are selling a car and had a question, finished all my work work, vacuumed, switched laundry, put some clothes away, did the dishes, made some sweet dinner rolls that are on their second rise, washed, peeled and cut the sweet potatoes for dinner tonight and cooked up some bacon (we are having bacon cheeseburger mini muffin meatloafs-kids LOVE them).  Teagan is napping and I am about to write some more of the dissertation while also eating lunch.  Tonight Haven has dance so I will bathe Teagie and Finn before dinner and also send Gray and Britt through showers, Haven will shower when we get home.  I have been trying to do the Wii Fit three times a week for a half hour, I did it yesterday but will jump on tonight if I have time.  I wish every day I could feel this accomplished :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Writers Block

I am struggling with writing my dissertation and I am not sure why.  I love my topic, I am passionate about it and I am anxious to get to the stage where I get to gather actual data. My prospectus is approved, my first chapter is completed and approved.  Right now I am knee deep in Chapter 2, my literature review, and I anticipate it being about 25 pages when completed.  Twenty-five pages is nothing for me to write, I have written longer papers in a weekend, but for some reason I am struggling.  Right now I am almost done with the first half, and I need to finish the entire chapter by the end of the week to submit to my chair for review.  I know I am 1/5 of the way there with Chapter 1 done, and once I send off Chapter 2 there will be edits and changes, but for the most part I will quickly be approaching 2/5 of the way, but still I sit here and blog and not write.  Ugh.

Monday, February 21, 2011

True self

Do you ever feel lost, like you forgot who you were?  I think for mother's this can be a problem as we constantly have to do for everyone else.  We need to nurture, love and care for our kids, and we need to help our husband, support him, love him and be his friend.  All too often we forget to care for ourselves and become the things we do for our families.  Now, we love our families I know, and we want to do for them, but I sometimes see me slipping away to be what they need and expect.  It is always hardest for me after  new baby is born, I am their sole caregiver, I am their source of nutrition, they sleep with me, and I am with them constantly with the exception of when I go to PT gig twice a week.  I get lost in that role, and it can cause me stress because sometimes I need what makes me happy, what soothes me, what makes me feel like my true self.  I really believe it is important for moms to be authentic and true to themselves, but I struggle sometimes to do that and it can be an internal battle.

Today my husband made me a CD of a band I love and he loaded the songs on my laptop.  I forgot how much I need music after having a baby, how I love to put it on in the afternoons and dance with my babies and feel like myself again.. On my way in to PT school, I listened to that CD and I sang loud and long, and I felt reconnected to my true self.  I am stopping caring what others think. I am learning to breathe deep.  I am loving the gift of every day. I am singing loud again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I want...

So, all day long people tell me what they want so I decided to list what I want.

I want:
to sleep until I wake up, in a dark room, ALONE

I want to go out to a fancy restaurant with my husband and enjoy a leisurely meal without feeling like we need to rush home for some reason

I want to move to a place where all I see is gorgeous nature outside my window and where I can grow tons of fruit and veg and have farm animals

I want to have only one job, and be done with school

I want my kids to speak kindly to each other and not yell

I want a whole day off to lounge in bed, watch movies and eat junk food...and then not have to deal with the aftermath

I want to see the joy in every day, even on the hard days

I want my kids to be happy, to have good days and big dreams, and to be healthy and well both physically and emotionally

I want to go to sleep...OK this one I can do right now, NIGHT!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emotional Smackdown

Anyone who has a kid with any kind of issue spends their life watching and waiting.  You second guess choices you made, you analyze your child and watch how they act, talk, behave, etc.  It is an exhausting process and often frightening as you watch your child grow and you try to adapt. 

For us, our journey into the grand unknown started early with Haven, when she was only two days old.  That was the day the pediatrician came in and told us that her heart sounded funny and we were being released to head straight to the cardiologist.  While still reeling from her cardiac diagnosis, we found that she had severe reflux.  A year went by and she never outgrew the reflux and we took many trips to the gastroenterologist to determine the issues with her stomach.  She was anemic.  She wasn't gaining weight.  She never crawled but walked at 9 months and spoke in full sentences around the same time.  She was a precocious speaker early on, we found it cute.  At 18 months she reacted to a cake with almonds in it, we stopped all nuts but continued to feed her stone fruits not knowing any better.  At age five we took her to the allergist where she went into shock during her skin test and I stood there and watched her vomiting and losing her breath, walking way too close to death before my eyes.  We learned what not to feed her, took a deep breath and sent her to kindergarten so she could grow and learn.  But she didn't learn.  She struggled to read.  She struggled to write.  By the summer before third grade she had become so internalized and behaved so strangely that we thought she had a brain tumor, but the neurologist discovered she had epilepsy.  We started meds and she seemed better, she was learning and functioning but struggled to process the vast amount of information she was now receiving, so we began meds for ADHD.  She was better, she began to excel in school, she caught up and passed grade level in many subjects and still struggled in others, but still problems remained, different problems. 

We know, deep down inside, that there is something more going on.  Haven knows too since she tells us how she feels and what she sees going on around her.  We had hoped that these quirks were leftover from the years of seizures, in fact I still hold onto that hope, but I also know that every time I suspected something, I was right, and this is one time I don't want to be right.  So we begin again, we make the calls and we document everything and we start on a brand new path, because our goal has never changed.  When we are done raising her and send her into the world, she will be a respectable and responsible adult, she will be able to provide and care for herself and she will have people in her life that love and care for her and that she loves and cares for.  We will make it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Unapproved experimentation

I believe I fell prey to one of the Devil's pre-launch tests of a new level of hell, this one designed for heathens of a mothering persuasion.  I know that it was the big D's work because of the way everything fell into place to lead me into the experiment, I am on to him.

First there was a ridiculous deal on 5 lb bags of organic potatoes at Quail Cove, so I of course bought two.  Note that my husband does not eat white potatoes, so that puts 10 lbs of potatoes on me and the kids, hmmm.  Then today I decided to make a dent in those potatoes and make gnocchi.  I believe this happened as a result of the truly awesome day I had with the babies yesterday and my judgment was obviously clouded by those events.  Then I decided to only boil the potatoes while the babies napped and thought I could put Finn in his swing and have Teagan stay in baby jail while I made the gnocchi, after nap, while in charge of the babies, with no one else here as backup.

Gnocchi, for those who have never made it or eaten it, is a potato based pasta.  It is simple to make the dough, but it is the stickiest substance on earth..seriously.  In addition, there are a bunch of steps needed to make gnocchi, boil potatoes, whip potatoes in mixer, add flour, eggs and seasoning and then roll dough into snakes and cut into small pieces that you that you then roll off the back of a fork to create ridges, in each and every one. It is also a mess maker, the gnocchi maker and the kitchen will be covered in flour and dough, it is inevitable.

I have made gnocchi a bunch of times before, however never enough to feed six people and never while alone with an 18 month old and 2 month old in my care.  Let's just say there was immense crying and whining while I made the million teeny tiny gnocchi and placed them on racks in the kitchen to be cooked later.  I had to create new and different ways to put Finn's pacifier back in his mouth without touching it with my hands or any part of my arm up to my elbows, I sing songed to Teagan the entire time as she stood staring at me and wailing, and put her back in baby jail three times after she escaped without touching her with my hands -did I mention she is in a fancy tutu outfit that she wanted to wear and that is brand new and WHITE?!

So, you got me Mr. Satan, I fell for your test run and must say, it was very hellish and an excellent form of torture for any bad mama, nice work!  Thankfully, I don't plan on spending any time in your area of town, so this should be the last time I have that experience. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Along for the ride

Life is a rollercoaster.  When Ryan and I got married and had Haven, I never would have thought that 11 years later this is where we would be.  I knew we would have more children, I just didn't think we would still be having them this far into marriage...but I am so glad we did.  I love my days alone with the babies, and though sometimes they can be hard when they are extra whiny or sick, I really enjoy the opportunity to have the baby days back and to see the world through their eyes. 

This morning after the big kids left, Teagan "helped" me clean up.  She took some of the plastic plates out of the dishwasher and put them in a cabinet...the wrong cabinet, but that is OK, she was "helping" and learning about where things go. She also "helped" vacuum, she likes holding the wand while I vacuum the perimeter of the room and she helps pick up shoes, and move them around the house.  It is so much fun to see her learning and exploring, and she is such a sweet girl always kissing and hugging on everyone, I cannot imagine our family without our little Teagie.

Finn has slept the morning away which was great since I got some one on one with Teagie and got all my chores done for the day except the laundry that I will tackle while Teagan naps.  Dinner is even in the crockpot, white bean chicken chili, so that I can help Haven finish a project after school before we need to leave for dance.  The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the babies and I will take a walk after nap if we have time before the big kids get home.

Not all days are smooth like today has been, in fact many are hard and long, but regardless it is my life, my rollarcoaster and I am hanging on and enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Right now

I am holding the sweetest little baby boy, all warm and sleepy.  I am tired and the day was long, but right now everything is just perfect.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still kicking

It has just been so busy here lately that the old blog has been suffering. 

Let's see, last weekend Saturday was super awesome, kids behaved for the most part and Teagan FINALLY seemed well and back to her happy little self.  Then Sunday morning she was super clingy and crying and whining all morning.  Ryan came home and was about to head to bed when it happened.....she exploded poo everywhere.  Seriously,  this was Hazmat worthy.  If you are a parent you have had this moment when something like this happens and you are frozen for a second as you wrack your brain trying to figure out:
1. Is there any way to deal with this and not get covered in the yuck?
2. Are you really the one responsible for dealing with the situation?
3. WHY did no one warn you this could happen!?
4. HELP!!!!

So, I then yelled for backup :) We got her cleaned up and then Sunday went to hell in a poop colored handbasket.  Basically Teagan exploded a number of times and much laundry was between she got a fever and cried, a lot.  The worst part about this was that Ryan and I had a date night scheduled for that evening and for the second time in a row we needed to cancel our date night to the same restaurant :( 

Once the cancellation decision was made, I manned up, put on clothes and took Finn out to get the last of the V-Day stuff for the kids at Target, plus a quick grocery store run.  Then came home and Ryan and I decided to order in from the Italian place we wanted to was tasty enough, but they did a crap job of packing it and sauce got everywhere, and the salads were super expensive and not worth it.  *sigh*

Otherwise we are moving along.  Life has been good to us, financially we are in a good place and I feel comfortable with our future plans.  I feel like I have my footing with work and the kids and the house, however finding time to work on my dissertation has become a major issue.  I have completed Chapter 1 and it is approved and I am working on Chapter 2, but finding a span of a few hours to write is near impossible, so I have decided to hire our sitter to come extra hours each week.  I am hoping to have her Friday and Saturday afternoons to juggle the kids while I sneak into the living room to write for a few hours.  Thankfully my sitter is more than happy to come and hang with the kids, and I know they will have a blast and I can put my focus on writing.  It is a much needed arrangement and I am happy we have someone who loves our kids and who I can trust to stand in for me.  I must admit that I will be very happy when my dissertation is done.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cooking dinner at noon

Anyone with kids knows the challenge of getting a healthy and home cooked dinner on the table.  If you have babies they are fussy around 3-5 pm, big kids are just getting home from school and working on homework, lots of kids have activities, husbands are usually not home from work during dinner prep or in my case, he is still sleeping after working the night before or getting ready to go to work. It is hard to get dinner made, and for it to be something everyone likes and that is healthy, well that takes some planning. In our house I have an extra challenge to have the food made in time for Ryan to take some with him when he leaves for work, which is around 5:30.

In this house, I have two kinds of dinners I make.  The first are ones that can be made in about 15-20 minutes from start to finish.  These dinners get started when the big kids get home from school since one of them can usually sit in with the babies to make sure Teagan doesn't attack Finn :)  Last night I made one of these meals.  We had mango coconut tilapia, basmati rice and salad.  The fish was easy since I put it in a baking dish and put the coconut mango sauce I grabbed at Wegman's over the top and threw it in a hot oven for 20 minutes.  The rice is equally easy, washed it and put it on the stove for 15 minutes and made the salad while everything cooked.  Other quick meals are tacos, most pasta dishes, breakfast for dinner meals, and anything grilled.  Sometimes the sides for these meals take longer, so I will prep those earlier in the day if I can.

The other type of meal I make are the ones that I can start around noon when Teagan goes up for her nap.  These are things like soups and stews, chili, roasts, etc.  Today I am making a pot roast with a twist. I browned up a nice chuck roast this morning and removed it from the pan.  Then I added some onions, parsnips and carrots and cooked until soft, added some good red wine and beef stock and added the beef back in.  This will cook slowly all day and I will end up with a super tender beef roast and a thick, delicious gravy.   While Teagan napped today, I made some cornbread that I baked in my iron skillet and peeled and cubed potatoes that I now have sitting in cold water.  When Teagan gets up, dinner will be essentially made with the exception of turning on the potatoes and mashing them when cooked, and I will be able to concentrate on playing with her and Finn, working and helping the big kids with homework when they get home.

Making meals takes up a large part of my day, between the prep, clean up and dishes the meals all run into one another.  I am hoping to teach Haven and Brittan a few meals this summer so they can begin to cook once a month, it is good practice for them and will be a huge help for me.  i am curious when other parents teach their kids to cook, what do they show them first? 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Love Ebates

OK, I know I have said this before, but i really love Ebates.  Last week I ordered some stuff for an upcoming trip from Old Navy, it cost me just about 50 bucks and I got free shipping...I also got 10 dollars back through Ebates.  Seriously.  TEN dollars because I went to the Ebates website first, click on Old Navy and then went about my business.  Whenever I am about to buy something online I always go to Ebates first to see if the company participates.  I just added up all the checks I received in 2010 (you get four a year) and it was just under 90 dollars, that is a lot of cash!  I am expecting another check in a few days, for just under 30 bucks from Christmas shopping.

So, if you don't already have an account, I suggest you go get one!  If you want to be extra sweet to me for sharing with you, please use this link

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why hello there!

We have had a number of random illnesses running through the house and it has been exhausting.  Brittan and Teagan are still fighting off their cough/nose/ear/lung junk, are finishing their respective antibiotics soon and have a lung check Friday.  Haven has a similar virus and something else that caused us to have to pick her up early on Monday and she then came home and slept for hours!  Gray had a vomit thing early Sunday morning but was a-ok by mid-morning, last night he refused dinner and then today woke up, looked AWFUL said his body hurt and asked to stay home.  His temp was weirdly low, only around 96 and he then went to bed and slept for a number of hours, this afternoon he was eating and feeling fine!  I am done with the sickies and hope they get them out of their system before our upcoming Disney trip.

Anyway, in other news things here are good, really good.  I feel like we are moving right along with the house stuff, and even though it takes way longer than I want, the projects are getting done.  Ryan and I plan to start going room to room this summer, cleaning, purging and packing...yep PACKING!  It looks like we will be set to move in about 2 years, and it will take us that long to get everything together, so for now, anything we want to keep but don't need access to regularly is being packed and put in storage.  Decluttering will really help us get things as we get closer to making the move.

As always, I am incredibly thankful that we have been able to provide for and care for our family and only hope that we will be able to continue to do so.  Love my family, love, love, love them!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The truth

Tired and a touch overwhelmed today with a load of grateful thrown in. Here are some of my truths:

1. Tired of sick kids and coughing and vomit and nasty dipes, it can make a long day last forever.
2. We don't do football, not our thing, and I am happy about it since we would have had to cancel any plans we might have had.
3. I am not superwoman, nowhere near it.  I do what needs to be done because I am the mommy and the little people depend on me.  Purely human, with good days and bad.
4. I am tired of school.  I am tired of writing.  I want to be done with my dissertation, I never planned to have two babies while trying to navigate this process and it can be a bit much some days but I will finish because I committed to it.
5. If I could go back to 25 year old me I would make myself create the marriage I have now. I am still kicking myself for so many stupid choices made early on before I knew just how good it could be if you work for it.
6.  I am proud of my kids. I think they are good people, and while they make mistakes, we work hard to teach them to learn from them.  Afterall, isn't the point of being a kid to learn and grow?  How can you do that without making mistakes?
7. My internal dialogue never turns off, it runs all day long and through many nights.  It is the only way I stay on top of everything and semi-sane.
8. I never knew how much one toxic person could affect all aspects of your life.  Remove the toxicity and so many doors and windows fly open and your world floods with sunshine and good people.
9.  Thankful every day that we are able to support our kids and live a good life.  Very, very thankful.
10. Shocked that I have both a two month old and a kid heading to middle school next year, it goes so very fast and changes on a dime.
11.  Think that some of the best things in life come as surprises.
12. Loving the new (and old) people in my life and re-prioritizing to make time for friends and family.
13. Wishes adults would follow the same rules as kindergarteners: be kind, be truthful, don't call people names, keep your hands to yourself and treat others as you want to be treated.
14.  I could give a damn about anything tonight except I hope the kids sleep and no one else gets sick.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Turbo Tax Update

First-how funny that Google Ads keeps placing a Turbo Tax ad below my other post :)

So, I know you have been waiting with baited breath to find out what happened with Turbo Tax and the option to e-file my state return as well as my new friend Ramona the drunk 13 year old.

I emailed the transcript of the conversation with Ramona to Customer Service and I haven't heard back.  I did however get a survey in my email...going to have to fill that in ASAP.

I had also posted a question on the "Live Community" since all other questions that related to these forms were not answered, mine wasn't either :(

So I resigned myself to the fact that I would just mail the return today when I took Gray to a birthday party.  Got up at my usual crack of dawn with the criers and logged on to see if the forms were available.  Lo and behold they were and so was the option to E-FILE.  Taxes have been e-filed with the State of Virginia and waiting for the Fed to start accepting returns on the 14th. Seriously, two days ago NO ONE knew that there would be an option to e-file?  Turbo Tax is a mess.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Turbo Tax likes them young

employees that is.  After the "support" chat I had tonight, all I can guess is that the "13" in 13 Ramona's handle is to identify her age, or maybe the number of drinks she had before she logged on.

I was doing our taxes and there were two forms that came up that had notes that they would be available to print on 2/5 and "cannot efile" under efile.  I wanted to know if the efile option was going to become available at some point as well, or if I needed to suck it up and mail the return.  This is the transcript from my "support" chat that I waited over 45 minutes for.....I wanted to ask "Ramona" why she hated her job so much and suggest she find a new vocation since customer service is not her forte.

13_Ramona B: Hello Rebecca, thank you for contacting TurboTax, please allow me a moment to read your question?
Rebecca Kelley: sure
13_Ramona B: when did you last update?
Rebecca Kelley: i checked today i use turbo tax online
13_Ramona B: did you itemize or have charity ded or education tax credits?
Rebecca Kelley: i itemized and have charity and education deductions yes
13_Ramona B: so the fed won't accept those forms until feb14 that is probably holding up the state as well
Rebecca Kelley: it says that the form will be available to mail 2/5
Rebecca Kelley: and not available under efile
Rebecca Kelley: will it become available to efile or will i have to mail my VA return?
The agent is sending you to http://2/5 is Friday I would try it then.
Rebecca Kelley: no 2/5 is saturday
13_Ramona B: sorry am a day off
Rebecca Kelley: and it only says it is available to mail then
13_Ramona B: you have the best information right there
Rebecca Kelley: i need to know if i am going to need to efile or if i have to mail
13_Ramona B: whatever it will let you do
Rebecca Kelley: it says "cannot e-file"
Rebecca Kelley: that is what I am asking
Rebecca Kelley: will it be available to efile at some point?
Rebecca Kelley: or not?
13_Ramona B: i really dont know about that
Rebecca Kelley: and why not, what are these forms?
13_Ramona B: some forms are involved in the late legislation
Rebecca Kelley: well that is what i sat here for 45 minutes to find out, i paid for state to be efiled and could have done paper already for free
13_Ramona B: where the gov isn't ready to work on them yet
Rebecca Kelley: that is federal taxes, this is state
Rebecca Kelley: this is Virginia state taxes
13_Ramona B: they are linked with info

Rebecca Kelley: Form Available to File by Mail Available to E-file
Virginia Individual Forms

FDC Wks 02/05/2011 Cannot e-file

Fed/State Adj 02/05/2011 Cannot e-file
Rebecca Kelley: this is what it says
Rebecca Kelley: so will it be available or not to efile?
13_Ramona B: if you can't efile, we can help you get a refund for any money you paid
Rebecca Kelley: but i need to know if i can or not!
Rebecca Kelley: on saturday do i need to print and mail?
13_Ramona B: i would do what it says
Rebecca Kelley: or will an efile option become available?
Rebecca Kelley: it doesn't say anything
Rebecca Kelley: it says the mailed forms will be availble 2/5
Rebecca Kelley: and that "cannot efile"
13_Ramona B: you will see if its there, havent heard of any similar issues
Rebecca Kelley: is that permanent?
Rebecca Kelley: see if what is there?
13_Ramona B: the option to efile
Rebecca Kelley: when?
Rebecca Kelley: it says "cannot efile"
Rebecca Kelley: with the forms
Rebecca Kelley: so will that change?
13_Ramona B: i don't know
Rebecca Kelley: or will i need to mail?
13_Ramona B: Rebecca is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Rebecca Kelley: i need someone to tell me if i have to mail or if i can efile my state return at some point
Rebecca Kelley: you have not done that
13_Ramona B: your software is the best judge, every state is different
Rebecca Kelley: you told me you don't know and to wait and see, that is not an answer because how long will i need to wait to see if an efile option becomes available or not?
Rebecca Kelley: my software is not telling me IF an option to efile will become available!
Rebecca Kelley: it is your program
Rebecca Kelley: if i am not going to be able to efile those forms, i need to know
Rebecca Kelley: that is a pretty basic question
13_Ramona B: i would say no
Rebecca Kelley: no it will not become available?
13_Ramona B: don't know
Rebecca Kelley: seriously?
13_Ramona B: seriously
Rebecca Kelley: please tell me you can find someone who can actually answer my question
Rebecca Kelley: based on information relating to the product
The agent is sending you to
The agent is sending you to
13_Ramona B: take a look at this article
Rebecca Kelley: that still doesn't say of it will be available for efile
13_Ramona B: thats why your software usually is the best resource
Rebecca Kelley: what software?
13_Ramona B: yours
Rebecca Kelley: i use online and it doesn't say anything about IF it will be available to efile
Rebecca Kelley: version
13_Ramona B: you copied the information in the above text from your online acct
Rebecca Kelley: yes

13_Ramona B: ebecca Kelley: Form Available to File by Mail Available to E-file
Virginia Individual Forms

FDC Wks 02/05/2011 Cannot e-file

Fed/State Adj 02/05/2011 Cannot e-file
Rebecca Kelley: yes, from my screen on my computer where I did my taxes on TurboTax online
Rebecca Kelley: that is what is says in my state section
13_Ramona B: so go with it
Rebecca Kelley: go with what?
13_Ramona B: the latest info from your online software
Rebecca Kelley: which does not tell me if i will be able to efile which is why i am sitting here
13_Ramona B: apparently not
Rebecca Kelley: you have not been helpful
13_Ramona B: thats all i know
13_Ramona B: Rebecca is there anything else I may assist you with today?
13_Ramona B: I am not showing a response for the last three minutes. If you transmitted and I have not replied, please resubmit your text. If I do not show a response within the next two minutes, I will close this chat session.
Rebecca Kelley: i would like a real answer
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I need a Hazmat suit

Ever have one of those phone conversations or emails where right after you feel the need to take a very hot shower because you are afraid that some of the utter bullshit and insanity the other person spewed may have flown off and gotten on you  Yeah, me neither.

Anyway....we had another busy morning.  I had changed Finn's 2 month appointment to today since Teagan started running yet another fever and is still all snotty and coughing, so this morning the babies and I headed out.  First up was Target.  Grayson has a birthday party on Saturday, so we needed a present.  As we walked in, we ran onto the woman with the twins from Wegman's the other day!  It was so funny that we ran onto each other, especially since Target is in our town and Wegman's is about 20 minutes away.  We chatted for a bit and then I went off to get what we needed.  I had put Finn in the sling and Teagan in the cart, but it wasn't working well.  Teagan wanted to stand, so I would belt her, then she would undo the belt the little smarty pants, so I would sit her down and she would try to stand and so on and so forth.  I decided it is really time to get the new double stroller and have narrowed down the one I want.  I knew I would need one for Disney, but it is becoming clear that Teagan can outsmart the simple waist belts so I need to secure her in a five point harness....made of titanium :)

Got the goods and headed to the pediatrician.  We saw the nurse practicioner that I love who declared that Finn was doing awesome and that he was growing right along his growth curve.  He is a big boy, 13 lbs 3 ozs at two months today.  Teagan was checked over again and they changed her antibiotic.  We are guessing most of it is viral, but she keeps getting these fevers of between 99.5 and 101 which they thing may be due to a sinus infection. Hopefully this will do the trick and she will be on the mend soon, wiping her nose can be a wrestling match, so I will be happy for her to start to feel better.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The rhythm of life

Ours is a busy and crazy life, but it also runs like a well oiled machine most of the time.  Yesterday Ryan, the babies and I went to run some errands.  First on our list was Wegman's where we did the grocery shopping and got some lunch.  While grocery shopping, Ryan often had a baby in his arms, first Finn, then Teagan, then Finn again.  We tag teamed without needing to say much, he saw when I was trying to find a product and would distract Teagan, and I would see when Finn needed me to hold him and just take him and keep walking,  After we bought the groceries, I found a table with the cart and Finn while Ryan and Teagan grabbed slices of pizza, when they returned I went and got some Indian food with Finn sleeping in my arms. 

When I got back, Ryan was chatting with a woman at the next table with twin baby girls.  She was mentioning that she had seen us moving through the store and that she saw how we worked as a team and that she and her husband are the same way with their kids.  As I walked over, Ryan had just mentioned that Teagan and Finn were our fourth and fifth children and she laughed because she also had four and knew how much easier being out with two can be! We chatted a bit while we ate lunch, me remarking that I didn't think I could swing twins and her mentioning that she couldn't do two close in age, her next oldest was eight.  I guess before the conversation I hadn't noticed how well we moved together, how Ryan could see when I needed to think or when I needed him to grab a kid and vice versa.  There is something special about those unspoken conversations, and they make things so much easier.

Tonight as Ryan handed off the kids to me just after I walked in from teaching it felt so secure, so predictable, so expected.  He knew what he needed to do before I took over, and I knew when it was my time to jump in.  The rhythm of our life is so peaceful and calming amongst the noise and hubbub of activity.