Friday, February 25, 2011


If I don't get a really good nights sleep tonight I may just got insane, like seriously insane.  I can do almost everything in my life when exhausted, I can take care of kids, keep up with the house and do my job(s) but what I cannot do is concentrate on ridiculously boring articles in industry journals that I need to use to complete my lit review aka Chapter 2 of my dissertation.  I simply cannot process the information let alone write anything based on the studies I am trying to read. 

I had plans, big plans, to have this done and sent off by Sunday.  I have my sitter coming tomorrow and my goal for when she is here was to do a final review, edit everything and be done...except the whole second half of the chapter is not done. *sigh*

I didn't sleep well last night, in fact I haven't slept well since Finn was 5 weeks old, before Ryan hurt his foot and my help disappeared.  An hour nap once a week is not making up for the missing 5 hours of sleep each night and it is taking its toll on my writing.  Add to that that Ryan worked an OT shift last week which was supposed to be the short week and he is also working an OT shift this week making our long week extra long.  This also mean that I have no help until Tuesday, and I am not feeling it.  I planned to get my work done this morning, nap when Teagan did and then write in the evening but the hubby decided today was the perfect day to sell his car which means he didn't sleep, my schedule for the day got screwed since I had to go get a replacement title (car was in my name) and the nap never happened.  Ugh, I am done with today.  I somehow managed to write a few more pages, and will force myself to finish one more section tonight and review a book I need for the next section.  I will also accept that I cannot get it done by Sunday and that Tuesday night will just have to be good enough...thankfully my committee isn't putting the pressure on me.

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