Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why hello there!

We have had a number of random illnesses running through the house and it has been exhausting.  Brittan and Teagan are still fighting off their cough/nose/ear/lung junk, are finishing their respective antibiotics soon and have a lung check Friday.  Haven has a similar virus and something else that caused us to have to pick her up early on Monday and she then came home and slept for hours!  Gray had a vomit thing early Sunday morning but was a-ok by mid-morning, last night he refused dinner and then today woke up, looked AWFUL said his body hurt and asked to stay home.  His temp was weirdly low, only around 96 and he then went to bed and slept for a number of hours, this afternoon he was eating and feeling fine!  I am done with the sickies and hope they get them out of their system before our upcoming Disney trip.

Anyway, in other news things here are good, really good.  I feel like we are moving right along with the house stuff, and even though it takes way longer than I want, the projects are getting done.  Ryan and I plan to start going room to room this summer, cleaning, purging and packing...yep PACKING!  It looks like we will be set to move in about 2 years, and it will take us that long to get everything together, so for now, anything we want to keep but don't need access to regularly is being packed and put in storage.  Decluttering will really help us get things as we get closer to making the move.

As always, I am incredibly thankful that we have been able to provide for and care for our family and only hope that we will be able to continue to do so.  Love my family, love, love, love them!

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