Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still kicking

It has just been so busy here lately that the old blog has been suffering. 

Let's see, last weekend Saturday was super awesome, kids behaved for the most part and Teagan FINALLY seemed well and back to her happy little self.  Then Sunday morning she was super clingy and crying and whining all morning.  Ryan came home and was about to head to bed when it happened.....she exploded poo everywhere.  Seriously,  this was Hazmat worthy.  If you are a parent you have had this moment when something like this happens and you are frozen for a second as you wrack your brain trying to figure out:
1. Is there any way to deal with this and not get covered in the yuck?
2. Are you really the one responsible for dealing with the situation?
3. WHY did no one warn you this could happen!?
4. HELP!!!!

So, I then yelled for backup :) We got her cleaned up and then Sunday went to hell in a poop colored handbasket.  Basically Teagan exploded a number of times and much laundry was done....in between she got a fever and cried, a lot.  The worst part about this was that Ryan and I had a date night scheduled for that evening and for the second time in a row we needed to cancel our date night to the same restaurant :( 

Once the cancellation decision was made, I manned up, put on clothes and took Finn out to get the last of the V-Day stuff for the kids at Target, plus a quick grocery store run.  Then came home and Ryan and I decided to order in from the Italian place we wanted to try...it was tasty enough, but they did a crap job of packing it and sauce got everywhere, and the salads were super expensive and not worth it.  *sigh*

Otherwise we are moving along.  Life has been good to us, financially we are in a good place and I feel comfortable with our future plans.  I feel like I have my footing with work and the kids and the house, however finding time to work on my dissertation has become a major issue.  I have completed Chapter 1 and it is approved and I am working on Chapter 2, but finding a span of a few hours to write is near impossible, so I have decided to hire our sitter to come extra hours each week.  I am hoping to have her Friday and Saturday afternoons to juggle the kids while I sneak into the living room to write for a few hours.  Thankfully my sitter is more than happy to come and hang with the kids, and I know they will have a blast and I can put my focus on writing.  It is a much needed arrangement and I am happy we have someone who loves our kids and who I can trust to stand in for me.  I must admit that I will be very happy when my dissertation is done.

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