Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am rocking today!

I have been super productive today.  Got the big girls off to their before school activity, came home with the other three and got some work work done, then drove back to school to drop Gray off.  Got in touch with DMV since we are selling a car and had a question, finished all my work work, vacuumed, switched laundry, put some clothes away, did the dishes, made some sweet dinner rolls that are on their second rise, washed, peeled and cut the sweet potatoes for dinner tonight and cooked up some bacon (we are having bacon cheeseburger mini muffin meatloafs-kids LOVE them).  Teagan is napping and I am about to write some more of the dissertation while also eating lunch.  Tonight Haven has dance so I will bathe Teagie and Finn before dinner and also send Gray and Britt through showers, Haven will shower when we get home.  I have been trying to do the Wii Fit three times a week for a half hour, I did it yesterday but will jump on tonight if I have time.  I wish every day I could feel this accomplished :)

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