Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The rhythm of life

Ours is a busy and crazy life, but it also runs like a well oiled machine most of the time.  Yesterday Ryan, the babies and I went to run some errands.  First on our list was Wegman's where we did the grocery shopping and got some lunch.  While grocery shopping, Ryan often had a baby in his arms, first Finn, then Teagan, then Finn again.  We tag teamed without needing to say much, he saw when I was trying to find a product and would distract Teagan, and I would see when Finn needed me to hold him and just take him and keep walking,  After we bought the groceries, I found a table with the cart and Finn while Ryan and Teagan grabbed slices of pizza, when they returned I went and got some Indian food with Finn sleeping in my arms. 

When I got back, Ryan was chatting with a woman at the next table with twin baby girls.  She was mentioning that she had seen us moving through the store and that she saw how we worked as a team and that she and her husband are the same way with their kids.  As I walked over, Ryan had just mentioned that Teagan and Finn were our fourth and fifth children and she laughed because she also had four and knew how much easier being out with two can be! We chatted a bit while we ate lunch, me remarking that I didn't think I could swing twins and her mentioning that she couldn't do two close in age, her next oldest was eight.  I guess before the conversation I hadn't noticed how well we moved together, how Ryan could see when I needed to think or when I needed him to grab a kid and vice versa.  There is something special about those unspoken conversations, and they make things so much easier.

Tonight as Ryan handed off the kids to me just after I walked in from teaching it felt so secure, so predictable, so expected.  He knew what he needed to do before I took over, and I knew when it was my time to jump in.  The rhythm of our life is so peaceful and calming amongst the noise and hubbub of activity.

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