Sunday, February 6, 2011

The truth

Tired and a touch overwhelmed today with a load of grateful thrown in. Here are some of my truths:

1. Tired of sick kids and coughing and vomit and nasty dipes, it can make a long day last forever.
2. We don't do football, not our thing, and I am happy about it since we would have had to cancel any plans we might have had.
3. I am not superwoman, nowhere near it.  I do what needs to be done because I am the mommy and the little people depend on me.  Purely human, with good days and bad.
4. I am tired of school.  I am tired of writing.  I want to be done with my dissertation, I never planned to have two babies while trying to navigate this process and it can be a bit much some days but I will finish because I committed to it.
5. If I could go back to 25 year old me I would make myself create the marriage I have now. I am still kicking myself for so many stupid choices made early on before I knew just how good it could be if you work for it.
6.  I am proud of my kids. I think they are good people, and while they make mistakes, we work hard to teach them to learn from them.  Afterall, isn't the point of being a kid to learn and grow?  How can you do that without making mistakes?
7. My internal dialogue never turns off, it runs all day long and through many nights.  It is the only way I stay on top of everything and semi-sane.
8. I never knew how much one toxic person could affect all aspects of your life.  Remove the toxicity and so many doors and windows fly open and your world floods with sunshine and good people.
9.  Thankful every day that we are able to support our kids and live a good life.  Very, very thankful.
10. Shocked that I have both a two month old and a kid heading to middle school next year, it goes so very fast and changes on a dime.
11.  Think that some of the best things in life come as surprises.
12. Loving the new (and old) people in my life and re-prioritizing to make time for friends and family.
13. Wishes adults would follow the same rules as kindergarteners: be kind, be truthful, don't call people names, keep your hands to yourself and treat others as you want to be treated.
14.  I could give a damn about anything tonight except I hope the kids sleep and no one else gets sick.

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