Thursday, February 3, 2011

I need a Hazmat suit

Ever have one of those phone conversations or emails where right after you feel the need to take a very hot shower because you are afraid that some of the utter bullshit and insanity the other person spewed may have flown off and gotten on you  Yeah, me neither.

Anyway....we had another busy morning.  I had changed Finn's 2 month appointment to today since Teagan started running yet another fever and is still all snotty and coughing, so this morning the babies and I headed out.  First up was Target.  Grayson has a birthday party on Saturday, so we needed a present.  As we walked in, we ran onto the woman with the twins from Wegman's the other day!  It was so funny that we ran onto each other, especially since Target is in our town and Wegman's is about 20 minutes away.  We chatted for a bit and then I went off to get what we needed.  I had put Finn in the sling and Teagan in the cart, but it wasn't working well.  Teagan wanted to stand, so I would belt her, then she would undo the belt the little smarty pants, so I would sit her down and she would try to stand and so on and so forth.  I decided it is really time to get the new double stroller and have narrowed down the one I want.  I knew I would need one for Disney, but it is becoming clear that Teagan can outsmart the simple waist belts so I need to secure her in a five point harness....made of titanium :)

Got the goods and headed to the pediatrician.  We saw the nurse practicioner that I love who declared that Finn was doing awesome and that he was growing right along his growth curve.  He is a big boy, 13 lbs 3 ozs at two months today.  Teagan was checked over again and they changed her antibiotic.  We are guessing most of it is viral, but she keeps getting these fevers of between 99.5 and 101 which they thing may be due to a sinus infection. Hopefully this will do the trick and she will be on the mend soon, wiping her nose can be a wrestling match, so I will be happy for her to start to feel better.

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