Sunday, February 20, 2011

I want...

So, all day long people tell me what they want so I decided to list what I want.

I want:
to sleep until I wake up, in a dark room, ALONE

I want to go out to a fancy restaurant with my husband and enjoy a leisurely meal without feeling like we need to rush home for some reason

I want to move to a place where all I see is gorgeous nature outside my window and where I can grow tons of fruit and veg and have farm animals

I want to have only one job, and be done with school

I want my kids to speak kindly to each other and not yell

I want a whole day off to lounge in bed, watch movies and eat junk food...and then not have to deal with the aftermath

I want to see the joy in every day, even on the hard days

I want my kids to be happy, to have good days and big dreams, and to be healthy and well both physically and emotionally

I want to go to sleep...OK this one I can do right now, NIGHT!

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