Saturday, February 26, 2011

watching our future hurtle towards us

Ryan and I have been wanting to move, for years.  Review this blog and it is mentioned time and again, but with the housing market, babies being born, jobs, etc. it just hasn't happened yet.  Now we are getting close, so close that I can feel it.  We were thinking it would be about two years from now, so around summer 2013, possibly even summer 2014 depending on the housing market and our jobs, but that may change.  Things are going well here, the debt is being paid off quicker than we expected which was something we wanted before we moved.  The housing market still stinks, but there is a potential for upswing soon as a local military base gets a huge influx of people in September. The hubs is actively looking for new jobs, and one came up today that may be perfect and is within his company...he is applying and I am hoping it is a good fit.  If Ryan gets a job making more money and at the other location we want here in VA, we may be able to move as early as next summer (2012).  Our goal this summer is to purge and complete any projects we have around the house.  We may not be able to sell next summer, but we should be able to rent out our house and we have found houses in the area we want to move to that are super cheap and have the land we want.  They are smaller than we need, but we plan to expand the house or simply build a new one  on the lot anyway, so we can make due for a few months if need be.  I see our dream becoming a reality and we are getting excited!  Hoping to make a trip up to see my sister soon and do a few drive bys of some potential areas we are interested in...I cannot believe we are so close!

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