Friday, February 18, 2011

Unapproved experimentation

I believe I fell prey to one of the Devil's pre-launch tests of a new level of hell, this one designed for heathens of a mothering persuasion.  I know that it was the big D's work because of the way everything fell into place to lead me into the experiment, I am on to him.

First there was a ridiculous deal on 5 lb bags of organic potatoes at Quail Cove, so I of course bought two.  Note that my husband does not eat white potatoes, so that puts 10 lbs of potatoes on me and the kids, hmmm.  Then today I decided to make a dent in those potatoes and make gnocchi.  I believe this happened as a result of the truly awesome day I had with the babies yesterday and my judgment was obviously clouded by those events.  Then I decided to only boil the potatoes while the babies napped and thought I could put Finn in his swing and have Teagan stay in baby jail while I made the gnocchi, after nap, while in charge of the babies, with no one else here as backup.

Gnocchi, for those who have never made it or eaten it, is a potato based pasta.  It is simple to make the dough, but it is the stickiest substance on earth..seriously.  In addition, there are a bunch of steps needed to make gnocchi, boil potatoes, whip potatoes in mixer, add flour, eggs and seasoning and then roll dough into snakes and cut into small pieces that you that you then roll off the back of a fork to create ridges, in each and every one. It is also a mess maker, the gnocchi maker and the kitchen will be covered in flour and dough, it is inevitable.

I have made gnocchi a bunch of times before, however never enough to feed six people and never while alone with an 18 month old and 2 month old in my care.  Let's just say there was immense crying and whining while I made the million teeny tiny gnocchi and placed them on racks in the kitchen to be cooked later.  I had to create new and different ways to put Finn's pacifier back in his mouth without touching it with my hands or any part of my arm up to my elbows, I sing songed to Teagan the entire time as she stood staring at me and wailing, and put her back in baby jail three times after she escaped without touching her with my hands -did I mention she is in a fancy tutu outfit that she wanted to wear and that is brand new and WHITE?!

So, you got me Mr. Satan, I fell for your test run and must say, it was very hellish and an excellent form of torture for any bad mama, nice work!  Thankfully, I don't plan on spending any time in your area of town, so this should be the last time I have that experience. 

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