Friday, February 4, 2011

Turbo Tax likes them young

employees that is.  After the "support" chat I had tonight, all I can guess is that the "13" in 13 Ramona's handle is to identify her age, or maybe the number of drinks she had before she logged on.

I was doing our taxes and there were two forms that came up that had notes that they would be available to print on 2/5 and "cannot efile" under efile.  I wanted to know if the efile option was going to become available at some point as well, or if I needed to suck it up and mail the return.  This is the transcript from my "support" chat that I waited over 45 minutes for.....I wanted to ask "Ramona" why she hated her job so much and suggest she find a new vocation since customer service is not her forte.

13_Ramona B: Hello Rebecca, thank you for contacting TurboTax, please allow me a moment to read your question?
Rebecca Kelley: sure
13_Ramona B: when did you last update?
Rebecca Kelley: i checked today i use turbo tax online
13_Ramona B: did you itemize or have charity ded or education tax credits?
Rebecca Kelley: i itemized and have charity and education deductions yes
13_Ramona B: so the fed won't accept those forms until feb14 that is probably holding up the state as well
Rebecca Kelley: it says that the form will be available to mail 2/5
Rebecca Kelley: and not available under efile
Rebecca Kelley: will it become available to efile or will i have to mail my VA return?
The agent is sending you to http://2/5 is Friday I would try it then.
Rebecca Kelley: no 2/5 is saturday
13_Ramona B: sorry am a day off
Rebecca Kelley: and it only says it is available to mail then
13_Ramona B: you have the best information right there
Rebecca Kelley: i need to know if i am going to need to efile or if i have to mail
13_Ramona B: whatever it will let you do
Rebecca Kelley: it says "cannot e-file"
Rebecca Kelley: that is what I am asking
Rebecca Kelley: will it be available to efile at some point?
Rebecca Kelley: or not?
13_Ramona B: i really dont know about that
Rebecca Kelley: and why not, what are these forms?
13_Ramona B: some forms are involved in the late legislation
Rebecca Kelley: well that is what i sat here for 45 minutes to find out, i paid for state to be efiled and could have done paper already for free
13_Ramona B: where the gov isn't ready to work on them yet
Rebecca Kelley: that is federal taxes, this is state
Rebecca Kelley: this is Virginia state taxes
13_Ramona B: they are linked with info

Rebecca Kelley: Form Available to File by Mail Available to E-file
Virginia Individual Forms

FDC Wks 02/05/2011 Cannot e-file

Fed/State Adj 02/05/2011 Cannot e-file
Rebecca Kelley: this is what it says
Rebecca Kelley: so will it be available or not to efile?
13_Ramona B: if you can't efile, we can help you get a refund for any money you paid
Rebecca Kelley: but i need to know if i can or not!
Rebecca Kelley: on saturday do i need to print and mail?
13_Ramona B: i would do what it says
Rebecca Kelley: or will an efile option become available?
Rebecca Kelley: it doesn't say anything
Rebecca Kelley: it says the mailed forms will be availble 2/5
Rebecca Kelley: and that "cannot efile"
13_Ramona B: you will see if its there, havent heard of any similar issues
Rebecca Kelley: is that permanent?
Rebecca Kelley: see if what is there?
13_Ramona B: the option to efile
Rebecca Kelley: when?
Rebecca Kelley: it says "cannot efile"
Rebecca Kelley: with the forms
Rebecca Kelley: so will that change?
13_Ramona B: i don't know
Rebecca Kelley: or will i need to mail?
13_Ramona B: Rebecca is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Rebecca Kelley: i need someone to tell me if i have to mail or if i can efile my state return at some point
Rebecca Kelley: you have not done that
13_Ramona B: your software is the best judge, every state is different
Rebecca Kelley: you told me you don't know and to wait and see, that is not an answer because how long will i need to wait to see if an efile option becomes available or not?
Rebecca Kelley: my software is not telling me IF an option to efile will become available!
Rebecca Kelley: it is your program
Rebecca Kelley: if i am not going to be able to efile those forms, i need to know
Rebecca Kelley: that is a pretty basic question
13_Ramona B: i would say no
Rebecca Kelley: no it will not become available?
13_Ramona B: don't know
Rebecca Kelley: seriously?
13_Ramona B: seriously
Rebecca Kelley: please tell me you can find someone who can actually answer my question
Rebecca Kelley: based on information relating to the product
The agent is sending you to
The agent is sending you to
13_Ramona B: take a look at this article
Rebecca Kelley: that still doesn't say of it will be available for efile
13_Ramona B: thats why your software usually is the best resource
Rebecca Kelley: what software?
13_Ramona B: yours
Rebecca Kelley: i use online and it doesn't say anything about IF it will be available to efile
Rebecca Kelley: version
13_Ramona B: you copied the information in the above text from your online acct
Rebecca Kelley: yes

13_Ramona B: ebecca Kelley: Form Available to File by Mail Available to E-file
Virginia Individual Forms

FDC Wks 02/05/2011 Cannot e-file

Fed/State Adj 02/05/2011 Cannot e-file
Rebecca Kelley: yes, from my screen on my computer where I did my taxes on TurboTax online
Rebecca Kelley: that is what is says in my state section
13_Ramona B: so go with it
Rebecca Kelley: go with what?
13_Ramona B: the latest info from your online software
Rebecca Kelley: which does not tell me if i will be able to efile which is why i am sitting here
13_Ramona B: apparently not
Rebecca Kelley: you have not been helpful
13_Ramona B: thats all i know
13_Ramona B: Rebecca is there anything else I may assist you with today?
13_Ramona B: I am not showing a response for the last three minutes. If you transmitted and I have not replied, please resubmit your text. If I do not show a response within the next two minutes, I will close this chat session.
Rebecca Kelley: i would like a real answer
Rebecca Kelley: or an email for customer service
13_Ramona B: ask in another chat please


Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm highly amused that right under this post is an ad for Turbo Tax!

Tribe Mama said...

I would venture to say that my post is not a glowing recommendation by any stretch. Google ads may not want to place TT here