Monday, January 31, 2011

Much more peaceful

Almost like clockwork, Finn turned 8 weeks old and my postpartum anxiety subsided for the most part.  i still have my moments, but most of the time I am able to see how lucky I am and that the things that bug me, namely the house, is not that big of a deal and I can always tackle things tomorrow.  This couldn't have come at a better time since I am now back to work everywhere and last week I had Teagan and Brittan sick, plus some school delays/snow days to contend with and now I am sick again and Finn is sick!  It looks like we all just have a nasty virus, Brittan has an awful cough and sinus infection and is on breathing treatments and an antibiotic, but she is doing better and went to school today.  Teagie has a yucky cough too, is on breathing treatments as needed and an antibiotic for an ear infection.  Haven  has a cough but seems OK right now and Finn and I have stuffy noses and I have a sore throat (he may too I guess) and he has a little cough and a fever.  He has a well check this week so I am hoping he gets better so I don't need to bring him in twice this week like I did Teagan two weeks ago!

OK, off to get some work done before leaving for PT gig, really hoping the ice holds off until I get home!

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