Friday, January 28, 2011

so far so good

OK, I am currently encouraging each and every one of my children to become weathermen/weatherwoman.  It is the only job I know of where you can be wrong almost all the time and people still look to you as an authority and expert.  Today we had a 30% chance of flurries, instead we got 4 hours of snow...WTH?

Anyway, while the snow fell I was busy loading five kids into the car.  The new seat arrangement is going OK, although every time I have all the kids getting in and out of the car, the 15 passenger van looks looks more and more appealing.  Anywho, the kids and I were venturing out to Target since I was in need of a few key items including a nice peppermint mocha from Starbucks, and then off to the pediatrician to have Teagan and Brittan looked at.  I was attempting all this after going to sleep at midnight and starting my day at the glorious hour of 3 am thanks to a piggyback effort made by Finn (3-6 am) and Teagan ( 6:15 wake up).  Made it through Target and the harrowing walk to the car with an infant seat, a toddler and three bigger kids who seemed oblivious to the very slippery parking lot.  Got to the doctor's office and it was PACKED.  Saw the doc who determined Brittan who is never sick has a sinus infection and something going on in her lungs, and Teagan has a yucky cough and an ear infection.  That puts two kids on antibiotics and breathing treatments...and Finn is a crab and seems "off" and Haven just started coughing, so we will see where that lands us. 

On the bright side, I got an email that my Chapter 1 is approved by my committee and Chapter 2 should be sent off soon for review.  It is amazing to me that it is happening, I completed my doctoral coursework, I passed my Comp Exams and now I am writing my dissertation all while still having the family I wanted.  I am so lucky that I did not have to sacrifice my career, my family or my education and that I got to have them all!  Now all I need to do is get my rear in shape after having all these kids so I ordered a Wii Fit and I am going to start it tomorrow.  I would love to drop about 20 pounds and have been eating pretty well, so this may be all I need to drop the last of that weight.  I am thinking 2011 may be my best year yet :)

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