Friday, January 14, 2011


I think we may need an intervention, Teagan is addicted to two things, Fraggle Rock and kissing her baby brother.  The first addiction is super cute, we tape Fraggle Rock for her and she screams "Fraaa Rock!" when she hears the intro music and then she tries to clap when the Fraggles Clap.  She dances, "sings" and generally adores the Fraggles, and as kid shows go, it is one of the least offensive.  Fraggles also give me about 20 minutes to do something I need to do.  I usually save it for when I am trying to prep dinner.

The second addiction sounds good and positive...but she is almost 18 months old and not exactly the most gentle creature.  She LOVES Finn, and wants to kiss on him, hug him, touch him, rub his head etc but she can't do it that gently.  So when she tries to kiss him, she often climbs on top of him, and when she tries to hug him, she squeezes, etc.  It is hard to tell her no since she is trying to be sweet, but we have to balance protecting Finn and encouraging a good relationship between them and minimize jealousy.  It can be quite an adventure, but I am thankful that Teagan loves Finn, just wish she could love him more gently.  I do have to say, the face Finn makes when Teagan is coming in for a kiss is priceless, it is a mix of fear and joy that only a baby could conjure up.

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