Saturday, January 15, 2011

Forced rest

I don't sit well, especially when already stressed and anxious, but the kids and I need a down day.  Ryan made pancakes this morning since he worked from home, it was nice and I wish he would work from home more, I like seeing him in the morning and the evenings.  Since this week went well, maybe I can convince him to work one day a week from home on the long weeks, it really makes everything easier.

He is still pretty laid up, and as a result of doing all the physical labor, my back is hurting so today I have decided to lay low.  I did a few loads of laundry already and vacuumed, and will make the kids some lunch in a bit, but other than that and making dinner, my tush will be riding the couch.  Tonight I am making a nice roast chicken, it has been awhile since we have had one and I am looking forward to it.  Of course no roast chicken is complete without stuffing and I plan to make roasted acorn squash as well. I found a recipe for sweet yeast rolls that I am going to get started when Teagan heads for a nap, and by midday my house should smell delicious!

I have one more week off for leave and then it is back to the grind.  I don't mind returning to the FT gig since it is from home, it is the PT job where I have to leave the house twice a week that is causing me stress.  I know I am lucky to only have to be somewhere twice a week, but I really would rather not ever have to "go" to work and just work from home.  Hopefully in the next few years that will become a reality.

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