Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes it sucks, then you look around and get over yourself

That was a big title, but it was the best way to sum things up.

Hubby went to the foot doctor, they put him on prednisone so I fully expect him to be a raving lunatic by the weekend :)  They also put him in a boot and told him to come back in a week.  I feel bad for him since not only is he in pain, but he is unable to move around easily and has to navigate through our house which is a maze of rooms with numerous hazards on the floor-toys, bouncy seats, gates, kids, a giant dog, etc.  In addition, he knows that all the lifting and dragging and general physical labor is causing me a ton of pain, my incision is throbbing again and my back where the epidural was placed feels like someone punched it, all day, every day.  Being this started when I was five weeks out from surgery, the timing sucked and right now we need to balance each others pain so that neither of us does any additional damage.  I do have to say, I cannot remember Ryan EVER going to the doctor because he was sick or hurt in our entire relationship, so I know he is really hurting badly.

So last night I had a good cry to him that I am tired and I hurt and I am overwhelmed by the extra mess in the house due to the dining room being dismantled and my hormones are crazed and I go back to work in two weeks and and and and.....  Well, he got a piece of paper and wrote down the five most important things I needed done to feel like the house was in order and that would help settle my OCD.  He then told me that he knew how hard things were, the end of the pregnancy was a bit rough, then getting over the c-section and just when I thought we could tackle some projects, he goes down with his foot and that all of this  screws with my anxiety and makes me overwhelmed.  He totally rocks and gets that I can't help how I feel, that I wish I could let it slide but sometimes I can't and that I need him and the kids to help me tackle these things that have been piling up through two pregnancies and births plus our usual crazy lives and jobs.

He is working from home this week since he can't drive, so I am hoping the rest and the medicine will help his foot so on his days off this week we can tackle those five things.  The first is to do the dining room floor so I can put that room back together.  The second is to finish straightening the living room, that is where the dining room is living right now so I need that stuff out and just need to finish straightening after Christmas and it will be done. I use the living room as my quiet spot, when I need a moment I go in there since it is on the far side of the house....I miss that room since it has been the Christmas room since November.  Next he needs to go through all his clothes and sort them so I can buy him a new dresser...they have been living in two laundry baskets and it is making me crazed.  After that is the mantle, it needs new molding which is a simple and quick fix.  The last thing is we need to have the carpet installed in the playroom so I can organize that room and make an area for Teagan's toys.  Currently her toys are in the family room, but I need a place to safely put Finn and her stuff is getting too big and taking over, so she is getting a dedicated space in the playroom for her new kitchen, market, baby dolls, etc.

So sometimes it sucks, but then you have to look around, make a plan and get over it.

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