Thursday, January 20, 2011

Musical Chairs

Busy morning today.  Got the big kids off to school then took Finn and Teagan to the pediatrician for Teagan's 18 month check up.  Seems she is not as small as we thought, they said she was 93% for height but i think they mis-measured since there is no way she is that the 75% for weight I can see, her thighs are chuuuuuuby!  We also had then listen to her chest again since she is still sick and still running a fever.  When we go there her oxygen levels were pretty low, only about 91% but we got them back up.  I am hoping the fever and cough let up before Monday or we have to go back to the doctor.

After the doctor we headed to Target.  I forgot my sling so I had to throw Teagie in the basket area and put Finn's car seat up front since it didn't fit in the basket.  Teagan was NOT happy with the arrangement, but she was good and behaved which was all I could ask for.  I also scored her a ton of jeans that were clearanced for $3.50!  I got her a few sizes at those prices, so we have jeans to last at least a year!  As we headed out and I struggled to get Teagan in her car seat which is in the third row, behind the other seat and is a pain for me to get her into and out of, I decided it is time to revisit the car seat arrangement.  We have an extended Trailblazer so I have Finnian behind the driver seat, Brittan in the middle seat and Haven on the end of the middle row (the girls no longer need boosters).  In the third row I have Teagan on the passenger seat side and Grayson in his booster on the driver side.  The problem is I need to fold down the seat, half climb in and sort of toss Teagie into her seat and then get the straps is a huge pain!  The baby is in his infant carrier and will be for awhile, so I think I am going to put Teagan back behind the driver seat, leave Brittan in the middle and put Finn behind the passenger seat with Gray and Haven in the back.  The two in the back will need to climb over the seat, but it will be so much easier on my back and other then when it is raining, it shouldn't be a big problem and I can throw a towel in the back to wipe down the seat for those occasions.  I figure by summer Teagan will be able to climb into her seat in her own and get her arms through the straps and when that happens I can put her back in the third row, but for now, I need something easier!

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