Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have a house full of VERY excited children

I just told them how many more weeks until we head back to Disney and they are SO SO SO excited.  We haven't been since January 2008 and were scheduled for this January but then we had Finn and bumped it a few months.  Today they were pouring over Disney park maps, looking at attractions, talking about what they want to do and when and trying to figure out how to schedule everything.

Being that we have the two babies this trip, we will plan more than I usually do.  We stay in a timeshare so we have a full kitchen and laundry which means I can pack really light (3 outfits/1 PJ/1 bathing suit per person) and just run a load of laundry each night.  I know where the grocery store is and will hit it when we arrive, and we ALWAYS eat breakfast in the room.  This time around, we will eat either lunch or dinner in the parks each day and the other in the room, plus most days we will have to come back for a nap for the babies unless Teagan is holding up well and Finn is sleeping in the sling. I need to get a new double stroller before we go, I am guessing a side by side version since it takes up less space and is easier to travel with, and we will use our handy dandy roof rack thing for all the clothes.

Being the kids are older, and as all moms and dads know souvenirs can be  hassle, I decided to give each of them a Disney card with a set amount of money on it.  That is theirs to spend, but when they are done, they are done.  We will still buy them a sweatshirt or shirt and a few other items, but this will solve the problem of  all the little trinkety things they will want.

I am now working on locating a character meal, we may skip it and just go to Rainforest instead...we like Rainforest and I think the food is better and the "show" is more fun!

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