Monday, January 24, 2011

and so it begins again

I am back to PT school tonight and I am less than pleased, but I will go and once I am there I will fall back into my role.  Ryan and I know that this extra job needs to go, soon.  I have been juggling the kids, the house, school, the FT job and the PT job going on six long years and I am tired of it.  Part of our grand plan is that when we move, I get to step back to just my one FT job and that I will begin writing articles and journal publications and possibly a book.  There is also talk of me doing some speaking, I have been asked in the past and declined, and being that my research focus applies well both to academics and consumers, there is some potential there for me to do some work speaking.  I am anxiously awaiting our move, I know it is coming soon and cannot wait...each day we get a little closer and it is getting exciting as it is no longer "if" but "when"

My husband is back in school too and is kicking ass!  I am so proud of him since school has never been his thing, but he went into it guns blazing and is doing really well.  He should be done before the big move too and the degree will help with the new job search.  We have again decided to allow fate to guide us.  We want to live in Upstate NY.  The weather is in line with our desires and we would be near NYC. However we really like Ryan's company and all the vacation he gets now after so many years of working the benefits are great and we know that if he ever lost his job, the severance is fantastic.  The company headquarters are here in a town about an hour and a half north of us.  If he transferred to that facility, we could live out by my sister. We could still get the land we wanted, but the weather would still be weird VA weather and obviously NYC is not nearby, but family is.  It is a hard choice for us.  My sister's kids are the only cousins my kids have, and my kids are the only cousins they have.  Ryan's family is not involved with us at all, and we enjoy spending time with my sister and her crew.  For me, living up near them is best for us, but I understand Ryan's desire to live back in NY and we both simply cannot choose one over the other, family or locale.  So again, we are back to fate.  Ryan is applying for jobs internally again.  If he gets a job at the company headquarters and he likes it, we will stay here in VA and move in two years or so.  If he doesn't get a job internally he will start looking in NY in a year and we will move.  It is all up to fate.

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