Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today is our 11th wedding anniversary, and I am happy to say we are still married, which given the last few days is quite the accomplishment :)

Finn is not sleeping at night again, well he is sleeping but waking every 45 minutes to fuss.  I know that this is normal at nearly 6 weeks, and that he is finding his sleep pattern, but geez it is wearing on me. I am tired, I am beyond tired, I am utterly exhausted and crabby and sleepy.  Three nights of no sleep in a row is pretty bad, but they coincide with the hubby's days off which should be good, except....he is on crutches and can't walk.  Yep, crutches.  No baby picking up, no baby carrying, no grocery lugging, no driving...crutches and pain.  Ugh.  He is a-ok, no worries, he has two heel spurs and it is causing him a ton of pain, we will go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully they will give him a shot to help the inflammation.  I wish he wasn't in pain, and I am sorry he is hurting, but hell it sucks around here without the extra hands.  Add to this that we were supposed to refinish the cork floors on Sunday.  We cleared out the china cabinet and put everything in boxes in the living room, moved everything out except the china cabinet.  He was hurting so we put it off until Monday morning, but when he got up Monday, he couldn't stand at all....so now my china is in boxes in the living room, and I have gated it off since it is just placed there not packed well.  The dining room is half empty, some stuff is in the foyer and some in the back hallway. I forgot to mention that Teagan has a cold and likes to just cry for extended periods of time-now THAT is a party! 

So lets add up:  No sleep + hubby out of commission+ house in disarray+ hormones+OCD+sick baby=one STRESSED out Mama. 

Anyway, after I broke down in hyperventilating tears this morning, Ryan sent me back to bed for an hour and a half and got the big kids off to school. That extra sleep made me feel semi functional so I got a few things done around the house.  We canceled our date out since, well, who is feeling romantic right now, but the kid's are getting out of school two hours early because it is *supposed* to snow (don't even get me started on that one) so we will be taking the whole family out to eat tonight.  I am sure we will be quite the sight since I am planning to wear clothes that could double as PJs, but oh well, we need dinner and I am not cooking...plus it is kid's night so kids eat super cheap!

Anyway, regardless of everything going on, the hurt hubby, lack of sleep, messy house, etc.  I am very happy that Ryan and I made the choice to marry each other 11 years ago today.  I love him, our kids and our life together even when it is a mess like it is today, because someday we will look back and remember these moments and know that we got through them together.  OK, now I need to shower because I am at least shooting for clean when we go out tonight!

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Christine said...

Happy 11th Anniversary! What an accomplishment!