Wednesday, January 19, 2011

24 hours is not the same as 72 hours

So......we finally got the floors finished last night and as a result I have a china cabinet in the foyer, china in the living room and my dining room table in the middle of my small kitchen.  Navigating through the house is nearly impossible right now, as are eating any meals at the table since we can fit the chairs in with the table, but then no one can walk through the kitchen, so we pull the chairs in when we need them, and then out when we are done.  I thought we would only be like this for 24 hours, that is what I get for skimming the instructions on the polyurethane, in fact we need to keep the furniture out for 72 hours and cannot put the rug back for SEVEN days.  So basically sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning I can move the furniture in but not the rug-and we all know I will get up for a feeding and then go move the furniture.  We will survive this, and thankfully during the day it is just me and the babies and we don't spend any time in the dining room usually, so it is just the kitchen that is a major pain in the rear, especially when trying to cook.

The kids were off school Monday for MLK Day and yesterday because we had some serious overnight icing.  Now they are threatening overnight snow Thursday into Friday...if they are out of school Friday I may lose my mind since we are already needing to make up days and it is only January 19th!  I need to get my car into the shop, it is making a noise like it did when my bearing was bad last time and I want to get it fixed.  Being we don't fit in Ryan's car, we planned to drop the car off yesterday, but the kids were here and there was that ice issue.  The revised plan was to drop it off Friday...but we will have to see if the weather cooperates.   For as many days as the kids have missed school, you would think we would have had some decent snow by now...nope, almost always ice issues.  I am wishing we were back in NY this year, they have been bombarded with snow!

Trying to get some chicken corn chowder made for tonight, it is gray and damp out and a warm up is needed.

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