Sunday, June 21, 2009

For my husband

Today is Father's Day and while I am known to complain and whine about things a lot, I also need to point out some of the best things in my husband and children.

When Ryan and I got pregnant with Haven we were young....really young! I was just 24 Ryan was turning 24 later in the year. I was working at a job I hated and Ryan was just trying to get his career off the ground, and we lived in a really crummy apartment. Somehow, through that pregnancy, we weathered a lot of storms. Ryan got his first "real" job, we got new and better cars, and we prepared for the newest addition...oh and we got married, a few times :)

Through the years, we have really grown up together. He has changed so much, and all of that change came for his family. He is a hard worker, and has always tried to provide the best for us. He is the "fun" parent, always willing to chase kids, rough house and tickle them. He is also a good example of dedication, as we have had more than our fair share of ups and downs, and he has stuck by this family and tried to always do the right thing for us.

As we get close to welcoming our fourth child, we have discussed where our lives are going and where we want to end up. He wants what is best for all of us, and is always willing to make the changes and adaptations needed to make that happen. I know, every day, that he loves us and is thankful for the family and life we have built, but what he doesn't know is that without him, we would never had made it this far. We love you Ryan, we appreciate all you do for us, and we are thankful you are ours.

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