Thursday, June 18, 2009


My parents left today, and I am so thankful for all they did while here. Not only did my dad run me all over town on Monday while my mom kept the kids, but they also helped me get tons done at home. My mom did all the kid's laundry, organized the girl's dressers, pulled out the warm clothes and got it all in order. I was able to do the same for Grayson, so his stuff is all clean and neat as well. We ran some errands, stocked the house with food and managed to get the baby's stroller and car seat. I feel like we are almost ready for this baby to be born!

Still left to do-
Clean out car and move all the car seats around
Install the baby's seat base
Pack the hospital bag (being done tomorrow)
Wash the swing base-cover is already cleaned
Organize the master bedroom and make room next to bed for bassinet
Buy the drawers for the diapers and the garbage can for the cloth diapers
Relax and wait for the new baby!!

We are so close, if she stays put we have just over 3 weeks until they will evict her :)

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