Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ice cream and bubble gum

Gray and I ran our errands, had an outing, lunch and then picked up ice cream cones on the way home....we deserved them, trust me. My silly boy was negotiating for bubble gum over ice cream....silly little man. Obviously I convinced him otherwise.

Now we are home and I am gearing up to write a paper. I have another one due today as well, so I need to get one done early or I won't make it. I am pretty much dead tired by 3 pm and am having a tough time getting things done in the afternoon, including dinner, so I try to get my work done as early as possible. I am having a hell of a time sleeping at night and would do well with a nap in the afternoon, but with the kids coming home around 4, it just doesn't happen. Maybe tomorrow after my call I will get a chance to lay down since Ryan will be home.

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