Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trying to stay afloat

It is busier than I anticipated, and with the baby's birth being moved up, I feel like I am racing time! I had another really bad night last night, slept great until 2 am then was up until after 6, then slept until 8. I don't mind that schedule as much when I have a beautiful baby to look at, but with her still inside, I can only stare at the walls! Got up to a message from the place that had my car and was doing the inspection...I of course panicked that something was wrong, turns out I needed new wiper blades. Ryan ran into some serious trouble with the new TV stand...hopefully it will be fixed soon. Ran to the store, did some laundry, worked some and now need to start the sauce for dinner.

I am making stuffed cabbage for the first time...never liked it much growing up, but I have all the ingredients and wanted to try something different. I also have a little more work work to do, need to switch laundry, vacuum and get a few odds and ends done. I am hoping the rain will stay away tomorrow and I can take Britt and Gray to the park, but given the last few weeks, I am not sure we will be able to go, it may be too soggy. Monday is busy with CSA pick up and Brittan's dance class. Tuesday we will go to the free family movie, run to get milk and go to Wegman's then meet my parents a few hours away to pick up Haven. Wednesday I see my OB, then I will try to relax the rest of the week. Classes at FT school end on Monday, my classes end next weekend, so there is an light at the end of this tiring tunnel!

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