Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grafeful and Unhappy

I feel like everytime I turn around, something that costs a ton of money breaks. Today...the dishwasher died. This is the dishwasher we put in 5 years ago and spent a lot of money on. Now, here is the grateful part....I CAN afford a new dishwasher if need be, not a great one, but one that works, it would make us a little tight the next few weeks, but we would be OK. I also CAN afford to have the service man is coming out next week to look at the dishwasher and if possible, he will fix it for less than the cost of the new dishwasher and it will be quicker than waiting until mid-July for delivery. However, I am tired of stuff breaking, tired of thinking we are ahead and that we have a little extra for the fun stuff, and tired of the stress. The baby is coming so soon, couldn't I get a reprieve? OK, off to get a dish drain and more dish towels, the kids will be learning the proper way to wash dishes beginning tonight!

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