Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Small shining lights

Well, it has been rough, but there are always small lights. My parents being here have been such a help...especially since I haven't been sleeping at all. Yesterday my mom kept Gray all day and was here for the girls, then took Brittan to dance for me. My father ran me all over so that I wasn't alone and I didn't need to drive myself, especially since I am so pregnant and tired. My mom has also been doing the kids laundry, organizing the girls clothes and generally just being a huge help to me. Right now, my parents are at the movies with all the kids which let me worry about cooking dinner and working.

This morning my mom and I went out to Target to grab some storage for Haven. I have been struggling to find a new car seat and stroller, there was one I really liked, but it cost more than I wanted to spend, and another I really liked that was on sale last week, but sold out in a day! While at Target, I said to my mom, let me just go look at what strollers they have right now and BEHOLD the stroller/car seat combo that was on sale last week for $118 (from $170) was clearanced to $83.48! There was one left and we grabbed it! I also have a 10% off any baby items coupon that I am going to bring back to get the difference back, so after taxes I paid under $80 for a brand new stroller and car seat combo! I loved the stroller, it folds really nicely and has a great parent tray. The car seat is one of the best rated, and it had wonderful reviews. It seems they were just clearing out the one pattern, and while it is a lot of blue, it won't show any stains and looks super comfy. Hooray, that was the LAST thing on my list!

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