Friday, June 19, 2009

Been awhile

OK, so it has been awhile since I ranted about the mother in law....probably since I have had no contact with her since she left!

Anyway, I guess the husband called his parents when I went into pre-term labor to give them a heads up. His dad was very nice and Lori offered to come and help (GASP!) but we thanked them and declined :) I guess he left a message for his mom on the machine or with his brother and she finally called back two weeks later and left Ryan a message. She said that his brother forgot to tell her and that she guessed, GUESSED, that everything was OK since we didn't call back! Then she told Ryan that he should call back and that leaving one message wasn't enough, HE needs to keep trying to call HER! Um....wife in preterm labor, and then in potential heart failure.....yeah, he really should keep trying to call her!!! She does NOTHING, no job, no responsibilities, nothing...but he really should be spending all his time calling her back and hunting her down! Man she is a selfish bitch!

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