Thursday, June 11, 2009

On the agenda

Oh the days never seem to let up, and my fear is that I will not get the three weeks off of work and school before the baby comes, I was looking forward to those weeks!

So I am trying to keep up with the house, but I feel it just isn't happening. The rest of the family is not stepping in to help, and they make a lot of messes. Today I was up at 5 am again and did course checks, made breakfast, did the dishes, and made lunches all before 8 am. I then went to the farm, alone, came home, washed the lettuce from the CSA and began boiling the diapers. These are the last of the diapers to wash and I am anxious to get it done. I also got the vacuuming done and need to work on the laundry pile. I am HOPING the husband is working on the furniture, but I am not positive, and I am getting annoyed at everyone for telling me they are so worried, but then not helping out.

I still need to finish the diapers, work on laundry, do the dishes, write a paper, take Haven to dance and then tutor. It will be a long night.

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