Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hanging in there

Yesterday was a long, long day, but thankfully my parents were here to help. My dad took me up to the hospital for my x-ray, then we had to wait at the OB's office for him to deliver a baby, tell me the x-ray report wasn't in yet and that my lungs sounded clear. My dad and I grabbed lunch and groceries at Wegman's, picked up the CSA and then came home to help my mom with all the kids. I also had to work and write papers, and then enjoyed yet another night of no sleep. I really need some sleep!

I am feeling better about the heart, and while we are still on watch for any unusual symptoms and I need to see the doctor often to be checked on, I think the baby and I will make it to and through delivery fine. This has all been very scary for me, because I look around and see the three kids that really need a healthy mom, not to mention the baby that is due to join the tribe.

So the OB's plan for the moment is to hopefully stay out of labor for 2 1/2 weeks, and if I go into labor then, we will have to have a c-section. If we make it 3 1/2 weeks, he wants to do an amnio to check lung function and then take the baby, so she will be born somewhere around 36-37 weeks we hope.

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Ree said...

Continued prayers!!! ^i^