Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weepy, happy, crazy days

OK, I am having a very weepy evening...something about the lack of sleep, overwhelming state of affairs in my world and ongoing issues, I am having a tough night and am very thankful that tomorrow the hubby is home.

On the bright side, one of my friends from high school may be moving to the area...although I wish the reason wasn't because she was laid off and is having a hard time finding work in NY. She is a wonderful, smart, successful woman, and it would be great to have her in the area. I know she is going through a rough patch, and that moving to the DC area is nerve racking especially since she will need to find a good school system for her kids, so I hope things get settled quickly. I would not be opposed to them moving to our town..hint, hint if you read this, there is a really nice house for rent down the street!

The other thing is that Ryan and I have agreed that we may need to make some giant leaps of faith. We have nothing holding us here in VA except our jobs and house, and I feel like maybe we need to find new jobs, rent this house out, and go back where we actually have something and where we will be happy. Even with us talking of this leap, we both know it is as least two years away, but that is better than five so I will take it. I need to finish school and probably go back to full time work in the private sector for a year or so before we make that move or it will not be as lucrative or stable as we want. We also should have most of the debt paid off by then, with the exception of the house and student loans, but that is fine and we will be very stable.

So, here is to waiting it out, crying when it gets overwhelming and hoping for success and happiness for a friend and her family.

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