Sunday, June 28, 2009

The downside

to having to wash dishes by hand is that you don't want to use too many dishes. Now I like to cook, better yet, I LOVE to cook most days, and having to deal with the resulting dishes is not making me happy. However, if that is the worst side effect, I guess we will live.

On the plan for today.....

I need to make some more flannel baby wipes, vacuum, do some laundry and general upkeep. Girls are going to a soccer thing with the neighbors, Gray and I will hang here and make two pumpkin breads. Dinner is BBQ chicken, mashes taters and turnips, salad. Tomorrow I hope to make corn fritters and chili....can we all say YUM????

Hubby is bringing home bagels, not NY quality, but they are from and actual bagel store and not too shabby. If I had thought of it, I would have grabbed a dozen at Wegman's, theirs are really good. We need to get bagels on the weekly rotation, the whole family enjoys them, and I know the kids will eat them for lunch today with yogurt and fruit and have full bellies. Easy peasy....and can be served on paper plates!

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