Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well...today is technically my birthday, however we will not celebrate until Thursday when Ryan is home.

I had another rough night, mostly due to children who weren't sleeping well. They would wake up, fall back asleep and I wouldn't. Basically I slept from about 1 am-3, then 4-5:45. Thankfully I was up early since a huge thunderstorm came through and I was able to hop in the shower before the real lightening hit. In a bit, my sitter will be here and I will head to the doctor, then home for some training at noon. I will figure something out for dinner, and that is the big plan.

On Thursday Ryan will make me a cake, we will make the kids a simple dinner and Ryan and I will probably grab takeout and watch a movie. Such is life with kids!

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Casey said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!! I hope your celebration is as wonderful as you are.