Sunday, June 14, 2009


what did we do to piss off the gods? We are good people, we are nice people, we try to always do the right thing. Let me sum up the last week for you.

1. Preterm Labor
2. Preterm Labor again
3. Put on the nasty meds
4. Have to miss business trip
5. Meds make me feel like garbage
6. Heart tests come back really, really, bad
7. Now need to have chest x-ray to test for heart failure
8. Take self OFF meds due to feeling like crappola
9. Husband goes into work early (we were happy with the OT) bwhahahaha
10. Car lands in woods on property at 8 pm
11. Torrential rains begin at 10:30 pm
12. Family room begins to flood
13. Very stressed and pregnant woman wades through the rain in the lightening to open the gate to move the water away
14. Cleans up the floor in the family room using every towel that had been washed and put away that same morning.
15. Police come at 12:20 to tell me that the truck is gone (good thing since it was in the creek and would have washed away) and that the kid who was driving was 18, graduated yesterday and drunk.....
16. Brittan looks like she has fifths disease.


On the bright side, and to see the positives.....IF the truck hadn't landed in the yard, then the kids wouldn't have still been up when the rain hit. While I was wading through the water to open the gate, my kids ran upstairs and got all the towels for me, saving me an extra trip upstairs while panicked. Then they helped me lay the towels and clean up the mess. If the truck hadn't landed there, I might have been in bed, and woken up to the flooded family room and probably playroom, which would have meant ruined playroom carpet, furniture, toys, computer, etc.

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Ree said... I say...Everything happens for a reason...even if we NEVER know exactly why. :)