Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thankful for downtime

Oh what a long night it was. I was having stress coupled with a bad headache, complicated by kids being awake. Let's just say I would be lucky if all the sleep added up to 3 hours. Now normally I am not one for downtime, and since PT school is off for summer, and FT school is off for the next three weeks, and my classes are winding down, I actually have some downtime. Today I have things to do, including a trip to the OB, but I don't have a ton to do as normal. I may even make the kids let me nap this afternoon....we will see how it goes. I do want them to understand that when the baby is born, there will be days when I need an hour to doze on the couch....and they will need to let me!

So, today this is what I hope to accomplish. I need to get a batch of bread going, it is easy enough to mix and stick in the fridge. I will need to vacuum the house, and I want to mop all the floors...and I plan to have the little flexible people help with the corners and edges. Dishes will need to be done later in teh day, for now they are clean. I am already watering the garden, somehow it stopped raining long enough for me to need to water. Laundry needs to be switched, and the girls need to fold a basket of clothes (still no dirty laundry in the house!) I want to try to make tortillas today, dinner is planned (baked chicken alfredo for the kids and steaks, slaw and pasta salad for the grownups) I have the doctor at 4 and I need to write a quick little paper. Seems like a lot, but it really isn't too bad and if anything gets skipped, it is not a crisis. I am also going to set up the slip and slide for the kids this afternoon as a reward for the work they will do this morning :)

The best thing is....HUBBY is off tonight!

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