Friday, June 12, 2009


So we have a tentative plan. I am to take it semi-easy. The echo today showed normal heart function and size, that is a good thing. Monday I will have to drive back up to the hospital, see my OB and have a chest x-ray....they are looking for fluid in my lungs, a sign of heart failure. I haven't had any trouble breathing or any congestion, so I am hoping the scan will be clear. I am to stay on the nifedipine for the time being, and will see my OB weekly at most. He said it is day by day now, just making sure that we balance my health with that of the baby. My guess is this will be a schedule c-section probably around 36 weeks to help control the situation and have everyone needed present. If we make it that long with no major effects, I will have an echo following the birth at some point to see what my gradient is, and my guess is we will make a plan then. I hope we can get it down enough that surgery can be put off, or at the very least we can attempt an angioplasty. Fingers crossed.


ChristineD said...

I just read your blog and I am sorry to hear that you are going through so much right now. I have no doubt that you are going to make it through this with a healthy baby and a healthy body. You just need to focus on you and the baby right now. Who cares about the dust and clutter around the house - it will still be there after you deliver and are well-recovered! Try to relax (easier said than done) and please let me know if there is anything I can do! I wish I lived closer! Even though I don't know you that well, I would run over in a heartbeat and clean your house, keep the kids, and cook dinner! Well, maybe not cook dinner... :)

Tribe Mama said...

Thanks Christine, you are so sweet :)

We are OK, I am usually so easy going about medical stuff, but this really threw me. My parents come tomorrow to save me from the kids!

House is clean, that's why I have those pesky kiddos, and the husband now feels really badly about not helping out as much as he should and has stepped up. Hope you guys are well!