Thursday, June 4, 2009


Oh man, I have been having some seriously painful contractions today. If I go by my LMP due date, I am just shy of 32 weeks, if I go by the ultrasound due date, I am just shy of 34 weeks. The concern is that the ultrasound due date has been accurate twice coming out to the same date.

The contractions are really painful, wrapping around to my back and giving me a lot of pressure. Plus I am really sore after each one. It was so bad at one point today that I called the doctor, woman pregnant with their fourth child never really call the doctor! The nurse suggested drink more...hahahaha I will float away! Take two tylenol to relax things, which I did. Count the contractions and if I get more than four an hour, call back and come in. My concern is, I have had at least four an hour, just not that stop you dead in your tracks painful type. Guess I may end in L&D tonight for a check up.

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