Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Throw it in a pot and see what comes out

Two posts back to back...you would think I have nothing to do!

Well, while going through the CSA pick up from yesterday, I had a dilemma. See, sometimes we end up with stuff we don't know what to do with, or there is too little of it. This week we have a few squash and zucchini, not enough for the whole family for dinner, but enough for fried zucchini tomorrow with lunch. We also have a kolhrabi and I have the turnips from last week, those will become a slaw of sorts tomorrow when I add in shallots and carrots...hopefully it will taste good! We also got a small handful of broccoli and that was where dinner began tonight.

I had a plan for the kids for tonight, but needed something for Ryan and I. He also needs dinner for work, so I had planned on either pierogies for work or a sandwich, his choice. I then had to make us something for real dinner so I began looking around. Well I had some leftover roast chicken, and some leftover squash, zucchini and tomatoes. I figured those, with the broccoli would make a decent stew. Right now in the pot is some green onion, half the leftover squash/zucc/tomato mixture and the broccoli stems. When cooked through, I will puree, add the broccoli tops, rest of the squash/zucc/tom mixture, the diced chicken and some orzo...also some liquid, either water or tomato juice. I also have a ton of herbs on hand that will go in, some fresh garlic and of course some hot sauce! This should make a really hearty stew for Ryan and I with leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and most of what I had was on hand! This is by far my favorite way to cook, you just toss it in a pot and see what comes out. Along with our stew, we can have some of my homemade bread...hearty, healthy, local and fresh....oh and CHEAP and EASY!

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