Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the dumps

OK, so I have been in a foul mood lately. To be fair, I am really not sleeping, like at all...but still, I am pretty good at existing on no sleep. I am not sure what my problem is. I know I am a little stressed about getting this baby here safely given the recent events. I am also a bit off kilter with the change in routine...I am worse than a child when it comes to routine. Just when we will get the summer routine going, we will get thrown again by the birth, so that will be unstable all summer. I am really missing my husband when he is at work, which is weird since nothing has changed with his schedule, plus I think the lack or school for the girls is throwing me. My biggest concern is after the baby comes, since we will be home a lot and I will have no work and school....what the heck am I going to do???

My other issue is about the future. I have said before that we had a plan, but the housing market thing really trashed that plan. Right now, we are not sure what to do, but we need to start making changes soon. One idea is I find a new job here in VA that pays more and I can telecommute a few days a week, we will see how that goes. The other idea is that I may start looking for jobs up in NY late spring and if I get something good, the kids and I will go and Ryan will stay here until we can rent out the house. Then he will join us and be a stay at home dad for a few years, we will rent in NY for at least a year and then see if we can sell the house here and buy in NY. It would be a big change, me working FT and him being home, but it would be a nice change and we would able to take advantage of a few opportunities. Oh how I hate not having a definitive plan!

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