Monday, June 29, 2009

Cramming it all in

I am trying to get as much as I can done each day to make it easier once the baby comes. Today the kids and I headed off to that big huge box store that has everything, you know the Wal one-I hate that store. We had to get a dish drainer, but also managed to grab a plastic bin to use in the sink when washing the dishes, new curtains for the girls room, curtain rods, a new air filter, a cool over the door hamper thing for the baby's clothes and some other odds and ends. We then made our way to grab the CSA and received a lot of summer veggies including beans, squash, tomatoes and cukes. Tomorrow I promised the kids a movie and lunch out, being that we may get one more week in before the new addition.

I came home, made lunch for the kids and did the dishes....much easier with the drain and bin! I also made the bread for tonight's dinner, and plan to grill a nice flank steak to serve over salad....yum. We did some cleaning, I folded a bunch of clothes, kids cleaned the foyer and upstairs and we got the garden watered. I see a few lone tomatoes and beans out there, as well as a few teeny tiny cukes starting. The husband has to go and weed this week, or I fear the weeds will take over my little garden! I hope to see some jumps in growth given we have a week of sun...the poor garden is struggling this year!

All I have left is one more paper to write, and then I am done with school for awhile. I will be on maternity leave until 8 weeks after the baby is born...what will I do with myself!

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