Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thankful...and weird dreams

I am very thankful the medication seems to be working well at controlling the contractions, as it get close to my next dose, I start to feel them come on again, so I know it is helping. I am not, however, thankful for the horrific headache the meds give me. I have had a headache since 3 pm yesterday and cannot get rid of it, I tool Tylenol, but it doesn't even take the edge off. I hope the headache goes away once the meds are in my system for awhile.

So all night long I was up and down with this headache, but somehow I managed to have one really bizarre dream. In the dream I was married to one of my ex boyfriends, but we didn't really have any contact. For some reason I lived with his mom, and in the dream needed to call him for something. Called him up, and his best friend is in the background yelling that he has a girlfriend, etc. I guess to make me upset? Anyway, it seems that I knew he had a long time girlfriend and didn't care, but needed to go over to his place to see our son(?) name MITCH! who had weird 1970's hair and was about 17 years old.....can we say bizarre? Then the long time girlfriend comes by and it is Mary Stuart Masterson who was dressed weirdly 1950's wearing an apron, and we chatted and she kept saying, "You know what makes me crazy about your husband....." then telling me things he did in their relationship. It didn't upset or weird me out in the dream, I think it had been this way for a long time and I was there to deal with something about the house or Mitch....but really, how bizarre!

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